About contributing to the world

Sometimes we find ourselves being busy thinking about what we should do next. These thoughts hang like a dark cloud above our heads: We feel many obligations threatening our freedom, and then we urge to get some kind of satisfaction for it. Somehow, it’s a “me-against-the-world“-situation. We feel obliged; We’re in the prison of this life. It’s about us, and then about our satisfaction or dissatisfaction. It’s a pretty small world.
We get shrunk to the ME, to our inner world, automatically separating from the world. It’s a horrible experience: lonely, self-obsessed, boring, needy.
Then we can remember again that life is about perception. That it’s us IN life, perceiving all the time reality. There is actually no ME. There is only a ME AS PART OF life, of the world, of reality. It’s us perceiving life with all our body, with all our skin, all our nerves. The question is not any more “What should I do?“, but “How can I contribute? What is the best that I can give to the world?“. And there is a lot of curiosity, suddenly; there is a lot of interest. It’s not an intellectual interest. Our mind becomes calm. Listening. Silent. Not busy with ME. Only listening. And our heart gets motivated to create something that will not satisfy us, but the world, and in return also us as part of it.
What is the best that you can offer to the world?