About frustration

We never feel that we’re fulfilling us, our potential, the real needs of our soul. Because we don’t do it. It feels like living in a wrong life. We perceive that time is running, and that we’re not using it. This creates a kind of subliminal stress, which pushes us further to run even more. We get older and time gets short. The more frustrated we are, the more we want to run – not to notice frustration.
It’s a dead end. And we continue running.
When we stop, it’s not to observe and decide, but to rest and forget about this rat wheel. It’s for numbing for a while the sensation of failure in life. Alcohol and drugs are good friends to achieve this numbness. Then, coming back to the race becomes even harder.
For once, if you feel frustrated, try to really be frustrated, with all your soul, all your sensations. Give it space in your body. Agree to feel bad for not having achieved whatever made you feel frustrated. Don’t struggle with the sensation. Let it occupy all your body. Breathe it, celebrate it – and be surprised about what happens then.