About wasting life

If you think of it, it’s absurd: we get this life as a present, we get these few years in this world to give our best, to invest our energy in something relevant – and we waste it being busy with staying safe and untouched. Instead of involving, instead of drinking from this life in deep sips, instead of daring to give all of us and maybe get hurt, instead of dancing our own wild dance and joining life in its unpredictable vortex, we prefer to do little predetermined steps, following the dictates of others, repeating once and again what we already know – actually trying not to be alive.
The price we pay for this is very high: we loose all we have: our unique life.
Can you think of all the routine tasks that you fulfill every day? Maybe you make a list of them, to become aware of how much of your lifetime you’re actually stuck in routines, or you’re freely choosing each step that you take.