Worried today?

Think if you can DO something right now. If you can DO it right now, DO it. NOW.

The emotional filter

We put an emotional filter on everything that we see: A house, a car, a person. It doesn’t matter what it is.

Intensity in life

We are not used to have a high level of energy. When we live an intense situation, our minds try to reduce the intensity.


Fear is a pure physical experience. It prepares us to fight or run. It increases our ability of perception.

Surrendering to Fear

Fear seems to be one of our main enemies in life: We fear to loose our job, we fear illness, we fear the uncertainty of life.

“Negative“ emotions

“Negative“ emotions are an important part of our human experiences. So, when not wanting to feel them, we actually miss this part of life, and thus this part of our power.

Negative sensations

We all want to be well, to be happy, to feel “positive“ emotions… Our will to be well leads us often to refuse experiences that we perceive as “negative“, that make us feel uneasy, weak or helpless.