Sessions and classes in Moscow August 2016

Dear friends,

Our state of mind, our mood, our ability to deal easily with our life circumstances… depends basically on our level of energy.

It’s very difficult to drag oneself forward when we have little energy: Everything seems to be heavy, painful, and difficult, we seem suffocate in the very moment. We literally want to disappear.

Of course it is a choice to want to live the moment, but when we suffer it, it’s a quite tough job.

For my next visit in Moscow I invite you to come and try one or several one-hour classes of Stopping Movements.

Stopping Movements is a funny and entertaining, always different way to learn about body consciousness, mobility and relaxation.

It’s a refreshing way to warm up, a playful way to exercise the body. It’s training with never repeating exercises!!! Learn to undo accumulated stress, to shut-up the mind, to get a light and energetic mood.

One-hour classes with music, movement, breathing and relaxation.

Of course I will offer again personal processes, where I teach in one to one sessions, with touch and instructions, to deal with anxiety, and to master pain. You learn to recognize how you get stuck in damaging experiences, and how to unstuck and become free of them.

Dates and Places:

Individual sessions: Tuesday, August 23rd, till Monday, August 29th, all day, in Center Angeliko,

Stopping Movement classes:

Tuesday, August 23rd, 20.30-21.30 h in Otkriti Mir (

Friday, August 26th, 19-20 h in White Clouds

Monday, August 29th, 18-19 h in Otkriti Mir


Center Angeliko: Страстной бульвар, дом 10, корпус 1 (

Otkriti Mir: Москва, ул. Павловская, 18

White Clouds: Pokrovka Street, 4, Moscow


First session or one individual session (1,5 hours) :            6.500.- rubles

Two or more individual sessions (one hour):                        5.000.- rubles each

Stopping movement class (one hour):                                    500.- rubles

Reservations: write to me ( or contact Olga Zakharova, tel. +7 916 806-20-64, email:

Please feel free to forward this email to any friend or acquaintance that could be interested in those sessions.

All the best, and hope to see you soon!