Sharpen attention

All “bad emotions“ aim actually to sharpen our attention, to make us being more awake and powerful. Without this power, we can barely cope with the big challenges of our existence: sickness, unforeseen changes, loss, or strong pain.
Our body creates these emotions to help us, to support us, to get an incredible boost of energy where our common resources can’t help any more.
And this energy consists mainly of attention: In the moment we manage to focus our full attention to the “bad emotion“, being with it, perceiving it fully, with not the slightest resistance, this energy starts pumping through our body.
To do so, we need to trust fully our body.
We need to be able to focus our body attention.
We need to silence our mind, as we are touching energies that go beyond our understanding (and our mind, as it does not understand it, only sabotages these energies).
And we need to be ready to be taken by these incredible energies – or said in other words, we need to agree to let go all control.

To use the power of negative sensations (emotions, experiences…), we need to be willing to go into the darkness, into our inner pain and loneliness – with a smile on our lips. It’s an intense journey.