The stress of living in a false rhythm

Most of the times in daily life we force our rhythm. We fear not to be good enough, and this pushes us to try harder: we try to achieve more, we try to understand the incomprehensible, we try to be different than we are: better, faster, smarter. We imitate others who seem to be more successful, more beautiful, or just “better“. We force our rhythm out of beat, loosing any connection to our true self. And then nothing flows.
Whatever we do becomes difficult, uncomfortable, full of effort and tiring. We literally bang our head against a wall: investing a lot of energy, hurting us, and not achieving anything meaningful.
But worse, we loose the awareness that we’re caught in a false rhythm. And we push with this false rhythm further and further, in a desperate struggle to find our fulfillment, wasting our joy, our energy, and finally our life.
The first step out of this is simple: Don’t continue forcing. Just stop doing it. Refuse with all your will to continue it. It’s not giving up. You continue breathing, eating, moving, loving – but for a while you do it without pushing yourself to be different than you are. Try it. Be curious.