Gestionar el miedo

Fear is one of the most powerful forces that drive us in life.

It can make us move beyond our borders, but it can also paralyze us. Learning to deal with fear allows us to use this amazing power to achieve our aims.

Fear is a body function that makes us stay awake when facing challenges. It sharpens our senses and makes us more alive. It allows us to deal with new situations, whose outcome we don’t know. It allows us to develop new ideas and go new ways.

Fear is not always comfortable. It makes us feel uneasy or exposed. Therefore, most people try to avoid it. Fear becomes for them an unbearable experience. They create patterns around it, spending a big deal of their energy trying to get rid of it. They get into a fight that is impossible to win, as fear is a natural body function. As a consequence, they start suffering from anxiety, nervousness, or even depression.

You can learn to pay attention how you create and hold different patterns around fear. You will learn practical and simple steps how to let these patterns go, and how to stop being a victim of fear.

You can recover your ability to deal with fear, using it as a mayor source of motivation.