La esclavitud de la perfección

Fear of failing, need of appreciation, lack of confidence – these are different forces which push us to strive to be perfect: We have to do everything right. Our attention focuses on avoiding doing mistakes, thus forgetting our personal goals and wishes. The more we try to avoid mistakes, the more we get scared of failing, and the more efforts we do to be perfect.

We don’t dare to risk in order to win. We cling to proven strategies, loosing our creativity, and with time, our love for life.

We become slaves of perfection.

To excel in life we need to learn from our mistakes, and thus dare to do them. We need to be willing to be imperfect. This is a fearful experience.

In several individual demonstrations you can learn how you cling to perfection, which efforts you do to avoid failing, and how to relax these efforts in order to focus your full attention and energy on the goals and wishes that are really dear to you.

Presentation and demonstrations Saturday, April 13th, 2013, 19 h in Open World Center (, Moscow. Free admission.