La potencia del miedo: utilizar el miedo como fuerza motivadora en la vida

The bright side of fear: Using fear as a motivating force in life

Fear is one of the most powerful energies we meet in life. It aims us to be aware of the world surrounding us. It is not comfortable – but, it’s an intrinsic part of life.

Sometimes we try to avoid fear: We try to control the nervousness in our body. We try to control fear by understanding it. But fear doesn’t go away: We fear to be afraid, to face insecurity, to be in unknown situations. We invest a great deal of our energy in fighting fear – and convert fear into a paralyzing force.

Fear is a body experience that can easily dealt with, if we agree to face it as what it is: It is a flow of body vibration, a cold shivering; it’s a kind of energy that runs through our bodies.

The more energy we have, the easier we can recover form injuries or heal from illness. The more powerful we are, the easier it is for us to achieve our aims.

In this presentation you will see different demonstrations of how you can learn to deal with fear, relaxing with the body experience and being confident with fear. As a result, you can gather all your energy to face whatever situation you meet in life.

Presentation August 26th 2013, 19 h in the Open World Center (

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