Solo para siempre?

How to stop being isolated from the world around

Loneliness is often experienced as a kind of isolation, emptiness or senselessness. Lonely people feel that life lacks joy and warmth.

Loneliness happens when we are not able to perceive life surrounding us.

Socializing is frequently used as a strategy to alleviate the sensation of loneliness. Other strategies are distracting our mind (with internet, gaming or shopping), or using alcohol.

None of those strategies gives permanent relief: As soon as the effect of the strategy passed, we meet again our loneliness. Yet we continue using the same strategy because we want to get away from loneliness as fast as possible.

We don’t face loneliness, and get even deeper into our isolation.

Loneliness is a body experience. To step out of it, you can learn to face it, paying attention to how you create and hold its experience in your body. You can recognize different repetitive efforts, moods and thoughts that alienate you from life around you. And you can experience how while letting go these efforts, you start stepping out of isolation.

Presentation and practical demonstrations: Saturday, March 16th, 2013, 19 h in the Open World Center (, Moscow.