Transformar emociones en poder

Stuck in fear, guilt or anger? A way to use emotions as power

Fear, guilt, anger, joy – emotions often define our mood, our way of thinking, and our actions.

Emotions happen in the body. They are meant to give us an additional push of energy in specific moments of our lives. When the situation is over, the sense of the emotion vanishes.

Emotions are usually intense experiences. When they are uncomfortable, we try to control and tame them: We try to understand them, to know why they happen and what they mean. We convert the physical experience into a mental one. We twist the natural flow of the emotion in the body, and convert it into an unpleasant and lasting experience.

In this presentation you will learn about different ways of how we deal with emotions and get stuck to them. And in several practical demonstrations you can learn to deal with a specific emotion and transform it into power.

Presentation and demonstrations: Saturday, October 19th, 2013, 19 h in the Open World Center ( Free entrance. Please confirm your assistance.