Una manera de gestionar la culpa

Guilt is a strong experience that arouses when we do something that causes suffering to others or us. Its unpleasant experience aims to prevent us from creating suffering again.

This very useful experience gets often twisted into suffering: We carry a continuous sense of guilt whenever we step out of predefined patterns of who and how we should be. This alienates us from who we are and from what we want. We use guilt to diminish ourselves, instead of taking responsibility and using it to stop suffering. The original function of guilt gets lost. So, when we hurt others, we often even don’t notice it.

You break this vicious circle by paying attention to the way you create and hold the experience of guilt in your body. You get instructions and focus your attention to specific efforts, positions and ways of breathing. You learn to experience the mood when feeling guilty, without loosing yourself in emotional stress. You learn to use guilt as a mayor way of learning out of mistakes. As a result, you can evolve in life towards who and what you want to be.

Presentation and practical demonstrations: Open World Center (www.openw.ru), Sunday, February 17th, 19 h.