Verdad o mentira? Cómo deshacer el nudo de nuestras mentiras

I smoke again, but I can stop it any time; I stay with somebody I don’t love, but believing I do – not to stay alone; since half a year I have no job, but tomorrow I’ll start looking for a new one; working in a job that bores me to death…

We lie to ourselves, to avoid painful or frightening situations. We do it so well that it becomes difficult to understand what is real. We get confused about our true wishes. This is a permanent source of insecurity, as we cannot trust ourselves. And worse, we waste our lives not doing what we really want to do.

To fulfill our lives we need to be loyal to our true wishes. And this is only possible, if we honestly know what we want, and what our weaknesses are. Thus, we can face any situation in life with courage and integrity.

In this presentation you can learn to recognize the different tricks and traps we fall into when wanting to be honest with ourselves. You will see different options we have to deal with them. And in some practical demonstrations you can experience the power of honesty in your body.

Presentation and practical demonstrations: Saturday, May 11th, 19 h at Open World Center (, Moscow.