Webinar: Den Körper an den Füßen erkennen

Montag, den 16. Januar 2023, 19:30-21:30 h

In diesem Webinar werde ich eine Einleitung in die Fußanalyse machen. Wir werden lernen, wie sich der Körper in den Füßen widerspiegelt, wie wir Anspannungen und Schwächen des Körpers an den Füßen erkennen können, und daraus schließend welche Art der Berührung sich den Bedürfnissen des Körpers am Besten anpasst.


27., 28. und 29. Januar 2023 in Lauf an der Pegnitz

Berühren ist ein Sprache, mit ihrer eigenen Grammatik, ihren Ausdrücken, und ihrer Satzstruktur. Durch die Berührung bekommen wir Zugang zum Körper unserer Klienten, können ihr Leiden erkennen, und wir können sie lehren, dieses Leiden in klare Absichten für ihr Leben zu verwandeln.

In diesem 2-tägigen Workshop werden wir in die Sprache des Berührens eintauchen und die Grundtechniken der Arbeit an den Füssen erlernen.

Cabalgar la ola del miedo

Fear is a body function. It keeps us awake and alive, because it makes us react in dangerous situations. Fear shows us that life is insecure: We don’t know what will happen. As we don’t like this, we react to fear. We try to get rid of it. We do huge physical, emotional and mental efforts to avoid fear. Instead of using the energy of fear, we invest our energy in fighting fear. As a result, we get paralyzed, and we are unable to think. We squeeze our bodies and loose our energy. You can learn to recognize what you do to avoid fear. You can learn to stop these unnecessary efforts. And you can learn to use fear as the powerful energy that allows you to face the unknown with confidence. Presentation: Saturday, November 30th, 2013, 19 h in the Open World Center, Moscow (www.openw.ru). Please confirm attendance. Free entrance.

El poder de la rabia

Anger is our natural response to people or situations that threaten us. It makes us sharp, awake, and powerful, so we can protect ourselves. Anger arises spontaneously in given situations, and after dealing with the situation, it vanishes again. However, anger is not always a liberating outburst. Sometimes we get stuck in it. We repeat angry thoughts. We feel helpless. We don’t know what to say. We feel guilty. We get stuck in hate. And worst of all, we become unable to stop the situation or person that attacks us. You will learn in this presentation what you usually do to twist the power of anger. You will recognize different attitudes, ways of thinking and moods that repeat when you become angry. In several practical demonstrations you will learn how you can let them go. And you will see the surprising outcome of using anger naturally. Presentation Sunday, May 11th, 19 h in the Open World Center (www.om-space.ru), Moscow.

Bendita incertidumbre – cómo transformar incertidumbre en poder

Crisis, unclear working conditions, changing family situations… Life is uncertain. This generates in our bodies a big amount of energy. We experience it often as nervousness, anxiety, or fear. We do many efforts to avoid this energy, because we want to live a “safe” and comfortable life. We tense our muscles, we lock our joints, we reduce our breathing – we get stuck in an experience of impotence. You can learn to identify the physical energy generated by uncertainty. You can learn to notice how you block this energy in your body and in your mind. And you can learn to let go these blocks. The retained energy can flow through your body, raising your level of strength and confidence. Presentation: Saturday, March 29th 2014, 19 h, Open World Center (www.om-space.ru), Moscow.

Transformar emociones en poder

Stuck in fear, guilt or anger? A way to use emotions as power Fear, guilt, anger, joy – emotions often define our mood, our way of thinking, and our actions. Emotions happen in the body. They are meant to give us an additional push of energy in specific moments of our lives. When the situation is over, the sense of the emotion vanishes. Emotions are usually intense experiences. When they are uncomfortable, we try to control and tame them: We try to understand them, to know why they happen and what they mean. We convert the physical experience into a mental one. We twist the natural flow of the emotion in the body, and convert it into an unpleasant and lasting experience. In this presentation you will learn about different ways of how we deal with emotions and get stuck to them. And in several practical demonstrations you can learn to deal with a specific emotion and transform it into power. Presentation and demonstrations: Saturday, October 19th, 2013, 19 h in the Open World Center (www.openw.ru). Free entrance. Please confirm your assistance.

Miedo a fracasar – una oportunidad para tener éxito

Success is the fulfillment of our will. We focus our strategy on what we want. We need to go uncertain paths, try new options – and we need to dare to fail. When we are scared of failing, it becomes a trap. We focus our energy and intelligence on not failing and forget actually our aim. Thus, our options to succeed sink dramatically. In this presentation I want to give you an overview about how we usually relate to failure and how we unwillingly sabotage our chances to succeed. You will learn to recognize your personal way of dealing with fear. And you can experience in practical demonstrations how to transform this fear into personal confidence. Presentation: Sunday, September 22nd, 2013, 19 h, in the Open World Center (www.openw.ru), Moscow.

Dejar cosas para mañana – una manera de fortalecer la voluntad

We want, but we don’t do. We leave it for tomorrow. We find something more urgent to do, or we just forget what was so important for us. We stay caught in our fear to fail, in our lack of perseverance… And hope that sometime in the future we’ll manage to do what we didn’t do today. In this presentation you will learn to recognize different traps that weaken your will power. And you will see in several practical demonstrations how you can learn to focus your attention and your energy to achieve your true aims. Presentation Saturday, May 10th, 19 h in the Open World Center (www.om-space.ru), Moscow.