In our daily life we relate to our surrounding in a very specific way: We are in middle of our lives, with all their obligations, tensions, fears, insecurities, happiness, pleasure and wishes, and out of this we repeat many situations and experiences: We have a way of thinking, of talking, of contacting people… We know that we have a fixed way of being which allows us to carry out certain projects – and hinders us to carry out many others.

This way of being is in a great part a set of behaviors, convictions and structures which we learned during our lives: Imitating our parents and teachers, learning from fear and pain to not repeat unpleasant experiences, passing through traumatic experiences (abuse, accidents).

The more we train to be in a specific way, the more it will be difficult to change this way of being.

Despite this, we never loose the ability to learn: To pay attention to who we are, to discover what we want and what we don’t want, to be curious about what life can offer us beyond our present experiences.

In a learning process according to the Grinberg Method, I teach to focus your attention to the set of experiences that makes us be in a specific way.

To achieve this, we need more than just understanding: We have sensations and emotional memories, we perceive fear, heat, cold, love, aversion, excitation, rage and well-being; we love somebody or something beyond our logic, we are sensual and sexual; we need to perceive clearly the whole combination of our way of being.

Then, we can decide to stop repeating the ways of being which limit us, letting go what we already know, to carry out the changes which allow us to live our lives according to our will.


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