The most I appreciate in my work with Roberto is to have learned to respect myself. Now I know what I want, and I don’t betray myself by doing what I think others expect from me. Mireia S., 44
Roberto was very instrumental in helping me regain my internal balance in turbulent time of my life (difficult divorce, etc.) He helped me discover a way to handle my anxiety and fear and he ha showed me the way out of my personal crisisYury M., 43
I wanted to move graciously and freely – I felt that my body is too rigid for my dancing practice. Grinberg method let me process negative emotions from my past and it relaxed my body. It was not easy, but very rewarding work. I learned to listen to my body, pay attention to it – this is the only way to really master movements.Ada B., 39
I met Roberto and tried the Grinberg method six months ago – out of curiosity at an advise of my old friend. I was amazed by its quick effect: in my case just by simple noticing and releasing tension around the neck and shoulders.  It released such enormous amounts of energy – I did not know I had that much! It gave me a feeling of joy and relief in the body and mind, brought to peace with myself. Working further I noticed dramatic decrease of chronic pains in the joints. It is fascinating to explore reactions of your body and its connection with mind, especially guided by a person who cares – like Roberto.Elena M., 48
I started a process with the Grinberg Method because of the recommendation of a working colleague, whose changes in motivation and the way of relating to other persons was notable.

I had problems with my right knee, the foot, and the left hand, and I had no motivation for nothing.

Thanks to the work with Roberto, the knee stopped hurting nearly completely, and the foot is much better. My had was operated with success and is ok. I’m 64 years old and I feel well internally. I know my body better, and I manage to overcome difficult situations thanks to the knowledge acquired in the sessions of the Grinberg Method.

Based on my own experience and the obtained results, if somebody asks me, I would recommend it with no doubt.Tere G., 64

Hello, I use this virtual space to explain to you my experience with the Grinberg Method. I got known to Roberto in a marketing course where the teacher invited him to explain his project. It seemed to me so interesting, that I explained him my problem with this nasty migraine. We did 4 very intense sessions, whose aim was to eradicate or minimize as much as possible those persistent crisis of migraines (in my case 1 crisis each 7 to 15 days). We did these 4 sessions 2 months ago, and till now I haven’t had any migraine attack. As a conclusion, and this is what I want to share with those affected by migraines, the Grinberg Method can help you efficiently to fight and minimize the effects of this paralyzing and recurrent illness.Txell Carreras
Hello to everybody who, like me, suffered chronic migraine attacks. I want to share my experience that is positive, as I had the chance that gave me Roberto to try his method in a moment, in which I really needed it and I have to say that in the beginning I was very skeptic, but after 5 sessions with the for me unknown method, the improvement has been definitive in my life quality, as I have to recognize that since then I didn’t suffer them any more, except after one month that I suffered one migraine attack, but since then I can assure that I don’t have those bothering migraines. The Grinberg Method works and I invite those who suffer migraines to try it as the results are positive!!! Thanks Roberto for giving me this chance, my life changed! And I have to say that the stress is the same, but I don’t take any more the pills nor do I suffer headaches. This is a good start into the new year, with one weight less. Thanks!!!Jeanette Angarita
I did the Grinberg Method with Roberto Espinagosa, and it was very positive. I suffered from regular migraines, and after the process I haven’t had any migraines any more, although I have sometimes some headache, but it’s quite soft, and I can deal with it taking an aspirin.Lucía Abril Sánchez
I started the process with Roberto due to a little injury in one rip. I was interested to go deeper into the process, and I could learn to identify repetitive ad fast thoughts that cause me stress; and to live life from the present. Together with this I saw how I become anxious in certain situations, and to get out of this state. For the time being the process is finished, and I use the learning quite often.E.O.
My process started when I felt down due to the death of my mother. In the time that I work with Roberto, I learned to detach my emotions from my mind and to feel them in my body. This helped me to gain confidence, self esteem, serenity, and, more than everything, taught me to feel happy with what I have and who I am. My body assimilated this with loss of weight, postural correction, and freedom. The process is hard and intense, but it’s worthwhile.Laia B., 31
I can resume my experience with the work with Roberto as intense and very positive for my life. I started sessions due to a chronic back pain that I suffered. Short afterwards I discovered that I could manage the pain while not contracting me and taking space, physically, but also related to my surroundings. What I learned allows me every day to expand the perception of who I am and how I want to relate to the others and my surrounding out of what I want and what I need. I have a tendency to comment everything in my mind, and I learned to reduce my internal dialogue, to live more out of my body, and to expand my attention and perception to what I need to feel well and be happy.José-E. S., 35
I worked with Roberto in two phases. Both positive, but I will focus mainly on the last one, which is actual. I can define myself as a persona who is afraid, who panics and then looses all ability to control critical situations. It makes my body to transform into a pudding, loosing all its energy, full of pain, and smashing myself with prejudices. I make myself small. I loose my integrity.

Based on this, in the sessions I learned (as we are talking about learning) to realize and control this pain-sensation and to transform it into energy, without becoming dramatic. I have learned to feel my body with all its unpleasant experiences without adding mental comments, and thus find a balance, so that I don’t make me small any more. It’s difficult, I won’t silence this, but with the support of Roberto and will power in the sessions (because sometimes they are hard and I’ll like to disappear) and working in daily life situations or with negative sensations, makes me feel each time with more confidence to face the adversities of my life.

I continue working with Roberto, as I still didn’t reach my goal, but I see that it will take me little more before facing any good or bad situation. The change to better has been, and continues being, abysmal. I’m very thankful.Marc D., 39


Remember, a Jedi can feel the Force flowing through him. Obi-Wan is here. The Force is with him. In my experience, there is no such thing as luck.Luke Skywalker