Ride the wave of fear

Fear is a body function. It keeps us awake and alive, because it makes us react in dangerous situations.

Fear shows us that life is insecure: We don’t know what will happen. As we don’t like this, we react to fear. We try to get rid of it.

The power of anger

Anger is our natural response to people or situations that threaten us. It makes us sharp, awake, and powerful, so we can protect ourselves.

Transforming emotions into power

Stuck in fear, guilt or anger? A way to use emotions as power
Fear, guilt, anger, joy – emotions often define our mood, our way of thinking, and our actions.

Fear to fail – a chance to succeed

Success is the fulfillment of our will. We focus our strategy on what we want. We need to go uncertain paths, try new options – and we need to dare to fail.

The slavery of perfection

Fear of failing, need of appreciation, lack of confidence – these are different forces which push us to strive to be perfect: We have to do everything right.