Master Class: Daring to change your life

Dissatisfaction, sadness, pain – there are many reasons why we might want to change our life. But – how and where do we start? What is possible? And what is just an illusion?

Lying honestly – how to undo the know of our lies

I smoke again, but I can stop it any time; I stay with somebody I don’t love, but believing I do – not to stay alone; since half a year I have no job, but tomorrow I’ll start looking for a new one; working in a job that bores me to death…

Learning to deal with guilt

Guilt is a strong experience that arouses when we do something that causes suffering to others or us. Its unpleasant experience aims to prevent us from creating suffering again.

Choosing confidence

Confidence allows us to walk through life with the most efficiency and the least effort. It allows us to do what we want to do and to say what we need to say in a clear and simple way.

Learning to be confident in life

Being confident allows us to be naturally us. We face life using our inborn qualities, thus being able to fulfill our needs and wishes in the best way possible.

Learning to be naturally you

In our everyday life we quite often don’t manage to reach the goals we set for ourselves. We believe that we fail because we are simply not “good enough”.