Sharpen attention

All “bad emotions“ aim actually to sharpen our attention, to make us being more awake and powerful. Without this power, we can barely cope with the big challenges of our existence: sickness, unforeseen changes, loss, or strong pain.

About contributing to the world

Then we can remember again that life is about perception. That it’s us IN life, perceiving all the time reality. There is actually no ME. There is only a ME AS PART OF life, of the world, of reality. It’s us perceiving life with all our body, with all our skin, all our nerves.

Going back a road

Going back a road is already going a new road.
So don’t try to always only succeed. Sometimes, going back few steps, open doors that otherwise would have been unreachable for us.

Reconnecting the body

To reconnect to the body means to shift your attention from your mind (understanding, knowing, thinking) to your body (perceiving). In a way it’s learning to “not-thinking“ and then becoming aware of what is really important for you.

The stress of living in a false rhythm

Most of the times in daily life we force our rhythm. We fear not to be good enough, and this pushes us to try harder: we try to achieve more, we try to understand the incomprehensible, we try to be different than we are: better, faster, smarter. We imitate others who seem to be more successful, more beautiful, or just “better“. We force our rhythm out of beat, loosing any connection to our true self. And then nothing flows.

The wrong rhythm

The sense of loosing time pushes me forward, to run, to do something useful, “meaningful”, something recognized by others…

About frustration

We never feel that we’re fulfilling us, our potential, the real needs of our soul. Because we don’t do it. It feels like living in a wrong life. We perceive that time is running, and that we’re not using it. This creates a kind of subliminal stress, which pushes us further to run even more. We get older and time gets short. The more frustrated we are, the more we want to run – not to notice frustration.

Going out of beat

When we get out of beat, when we adapt a rhythm in life that is not ours, to please other people, to avoid our fears, or just because of following routines, we harm our body. We force it into a straightjacket of efforts and tensions to keep it in the wrong beat. And this eats most of our energy.

About wasting life

If you think of it, it’s absurd: we get this life as a present, we get these few years in this world to give our best, to invest our energy in something relevant – and we waste it being busy with staying safe and untouched.

Health and Rhythm

Health is to live life in our own, personal rhythm. Not pushing, and not restraining us. Being active and passive according to the given life situations. Deciding our steps at any moment, doing the minimum efforts and still being the most efficient.