What you can get in a learning process

In a process of the Grinberg Method you can learn to activate and use all the resources that are available in your body, to deal in the best way possible with daily life.

  • You learn to focus your attention on what you want.
  • You learn to let go efforts and raise your level of energy.
  • You learn to stop feeing fear, and to use it as a main energy source.
  • You learn to deal with pain, and to reduce it in a significant way.
  • You learn to recognize repetitive patterns that keep you imprisoned in suffering.
  • You learn to silence your mind and improve your ability to think.
  • You learn to perceive clearly what you want and what you don’t want. This allows you to take decisions with confidence.
  • You learn to deal with stress and set priorities.
How do I work?

We work on the body, using the way you perceive reality through your body.

At the beginning of each learning process, we define your aims: What makes you suffer, and what you want to achieve.

We describe your actual experience and situation, and your potential (who you are, and who you can be).

Therefore I do a foot analysis, which allows us to identify your qualities and needs as well as the way how you use them in your present life, seeing thus the gap between who you are and who you can be.

This allows us further to identify in which way and with which efforts you maintain automatic patterns in your body, which make it difficult or even hinder you to fulfill your aims.

Then, with touch, movements and instructions, I guide our attention to different parts of your body, in which you hold efforts, tensions, pains, fears, weaknesses. This allows you to notice clearly the physical, mental and emotional efforts. When this is clear, you can let them go.

And then you do a real change in the body.

You recover the invested energy. And you recover lost resources. Each session is a step in your learning process.

Additionally, it needs you to pay attention to the patterns in question in your daily life in between sessions, deepening and practicing what you learned during the previous session.

What is a recovery process?

The recovery process is focused on creating a deep and fast change in a physical condition that makes us suffer: chronic pain (migraines, back pain due to a hernia or scoliosis), a breathing condition (asthma, bronchitis, sinusitis), a digestive condition (constipation, diarrhea, acidity), or the result of a surgery.

This work is based on the assumption that the body heals better under optimum conditions: We will work with touch and instructions, bringing all your attention to feel the physical condition, and having at the same time a high level of energy. I’ll teach you to breathe to the affected area, I’ll teach you to relax, I’ll teach you to deal with the pain you feel when paying attention. As a consequence, instead of fighting fear and pain, the body can focus all its energy in recovering from the condition.

This doesn’t mean necessarily that the body recovers its previous state, but it also can find a new balance within the condition without suffering from it.


If you have further questions, please write to roberto@espinagosa.com