Stopping Movements with Roberto Espinagosa

Every Tuesday, 7 pm CET, online
Duration: 45 minutes

Learning to stop… moods, routines, damaging or energy-consuming habits, unnecessary efforts…

Stopping Movements is a funny and light, always changing way of learning to gain body awareness, mobility, and relaxation.

It’s a refreching way to warm up, a pleasurable way of training your body. It’s a training in which the exercises never repeat!!!
It’s a meditation in movement…

We’ll move our body – or parts of it – to music.
We’ll stop all movement at each beat of the song.
Then we’ll start a new movement – trying to never repeat any movement – a true challenge for your mind – and a joyful experience for your body
We’ll breathe a lot.
We’ll sweat.
Our mind will be confused and overwhelmed.
And in the end, you’ll be somehow different…

As a result of these classes, you can expect:
• Learning about the movement possibilities of your body and learn new movements
• Train to stop repeating movements, routines, moods and other experiences that make you suffer
• Experience your body as a genuine and powerful source of energy
• Silence your mind and trust your body
• Experience passivity as a state of recovery
• Reduce physical conditions and improve your health
• Relate in a new way with people and with the world that surrounds you

Get ready to be surprised by yourself!!!

Find the actual link in facebook: Roberto Espinagosa @aventurerodelalma