Seminar in Moscow: Life rhythm – the source of personal freedom

Our personal rhythm follows the genuine will of our heart. It tells us which steps we need to do. It knows what is the best for us at any given moment. It shows in our lives in the way we alternate between action and passivity, running and resting, doing and letting happen, talking and listening, effort and relaxation, or mind activity and silence.

Seminar: The healing touch, October 27th and 28th, 2018, Moscow

Touching truly another person is frightening. It creates an intimate connection that refers to our primary life experiences: those of being caressed by our parents, being loved by our relatives – and being deeply scared when being deprived from it.
Touch means contact with the world, even before seeing or hearing. Touch means survival. It means warmth, tenderness, power, and love.

Sessions and classes in Moscow August 2016

Individual sessions: Tuesday, August 23rd, till Monday, August 29th, all day, in Center Angeliko,

Stopping Movement classes:
Tuesday, August 23rd, 20.30-21.30 h in Otkriti Mir (
Friday, August 26th, 19-20 h in White Clouds
Monday, August 29th, 18-19 h in Otkriti Mir

Pain – from suffering to a chance of healing

Pain is an immediate, powerful and frightening experience in the body. It’s a body function. It aims to alert us that something is not working well. Our body seeks to create the best conditions to heal, and it demands to focus all our attention on the painful condition.

Master Class: Daring to change your life

Dissatisfaction, sadness, pain – there are many reasons why we might want to change our life. But – how and where do we start? What is possible? And what is just an illusion?

Ride the wave of fear

Fear is a body function. It keeps us awake and alive, because it makes us react in dangerous situations.

Fear shows us that life is insecure: We don’t know what will happen. As we don’t like this, we react to fear. We try to get rid of it.

The power of anger

Anger is our natural response to people or situations that threaten us. It makes us sharp, awake, and powerful, so we can protect ourselves.

Transforming emotions into power

Stuck in fear, guilt or anger? A way to use emotions as power
Fear, guilt, anger, joy – emotions often define our mood, our way of thinking, and our actions.

Fear to fail – a chance to succeed

Success is the fulfillment of our will. We focus our strategy on what we want. We need to go uncertain paths, try new options – and we need to dare to fail.