Seminar – The power of silence: From fear to self-confidence, Moscow Nov 23-24, 2019

Our mind is a wonderful entity. It helps us to find solutions to our daily life problems: it allows us to understand our world, to create science and arts, to build computers and planes, to learn from our past mistakes, and allows us therefore to evolve as humans.
But when we come into a crisis, in which we don’t know the outcome, we get serious trouble: Our mind tries to know what it cannot know, and uses its tactics of trying to understand what it cannot understand.

Seminar: Fear as a source of power, October 12-13, 2019 in Moscow

We don’t know how to deal with fear. We perceive it as an enemy. So we struggle with it to avoid it, to get rid of it, to overcome it. We invest a big deal of our life energy into this: physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. This struggle becomes part of us – like a second skin. But this struggle diminishes our energy, reduces our mental capacity, and steals our spiritual peace. And despite all – fear continues being there.

Seminar: Life rhythm – the source of personal freedom, Sept 14-15th, 2019

Our personal rhythm follows the genuine will of our heart. It tells us which steps we need to do. It knows what is the best for us at any given moment. It shows in our lives in the way we alternate between action and passivity, running and resting, doing and letting happen, talking and listening, effort and relaxation, or mind activity and silence.